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Since hengliang was founded in 2005, in the spirit of continuous pursuit and hard work, the spirit of overcoming obstacles and building Bridges, has occupied a place in the environmental protection industry.

Sinopec solid - liquid separation project

After competing with a number of centrifuge companies. Our company's products with excellent performance successfully accepted this project. Compared with other products, our company has the following direct advantages

Our company has become the designated supplier of Sinopec

Jiangsu Hengliang centrifuge Manufacturing Co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise specialized in r&d and production of environmental protection solid-liquid separation machinery. The company is located in Jintan city of Jiangsu Province, a famous historical and cultural city in Southern Jiangsu province with beautiful scenery, convenient transportation and abundant human resources. Located in China's most developed economy, the most dynamic Yangtze River Delta region.

The company was invited to participate in the environmental drilling fluid technology and waste drilling fluid treatment technology seminar

Leaders of the company went to Chongqing to attend the seminar on environmentally friendly drilling fluid and waste drilling fluid treatment technology from May 19th to May 22nd, 2010. At the seminar, experts from all over the country discussed the treatment and disposal of waste fluid generated after drilling and completion. The horizontal screw machine of our company has been successfully applied in Shengli Oilfield and Liaohe Oilfield, and has achieved the effect of reducing the total amount of direct curing waste drilling fluid and reducing the amount of curing agent, thus reducing the treatment cost. So that drilling operations meet the requirements of environmental laws and regulations, is conducive to the protection of the ecological environment, for the realization of drilling clean production to explore a feasible way.
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